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Haiku of the Dead Out Now!

Haiku of the Dead - Cover

Haiku of the Dead on Createspace (Paperback):

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Poetry to eat your brains. “Haiku of the Dead” is an anthology that pieces together a warm-hearted story of guts and gore. Told through the imagistic language of haiku, every flesh-ripping moment of the zombie apocalypse is covered, from dawn to demise. Thirty-five narrators take the readers through infested streets and graveyards from the points of view of both survivors and the undead.

With haiku from authors around the world, including Adrian George Nicolae, Alyssa Black, Andrew Miller, Betty Villareal, Bruce Harris, Cathy Bryant, Chris Fradkin, Christopher Evans, Clarice Radrick, Colin M. Drysdale, Colin W. Campbell, David Revilla, David S. Pointer, Donald Raymond, Fanni Suto, Irene Smith, Jason Kirk, Jennifer Courtney, Jessica McHugh, John McCarthy, K. R. Smith, Laura Huntley, Marie Churchman, Mathias Jansson, Matt Fallaize, Matthew Wilson, Nick Johns, Olivia Arieti, Pattie Flint, Robert E. Petras, Sarah Winn, Seth Frederiksen, Sonja Johanson, Tim McLafferty, and Winston H. Plowes.

Table of Contents:

Awakening by Fanni Suto
The Easter Bunny Cometh
Death Churns Below by Christopher Evans
Factory-Poisoned Air by Mathew Wilson
Release by Robert E. Petras
Walk This Way by Betty Villereal
Fresh Flesh by Olivia Arieti
If All Who’d Ever by Jason Kirk
Even Zombie Fear by Colin W. Campbell
Undead Longing by Sarah Winn
Chick Band Drumsticks by David S. Pointer
Sense of Death by Irene Smith
Who’s There? by Sonja Johanson
Amy by David Revilla
Daddy? by Pattie Flint
Incoming by Adrian George Nicolae
I Walked Between Them by Chris Fradkin
Boat by Winston H. Plowes
The End by Colin M. Drysdale
The Honeymoon by Laura Huntley
Broken Bonds by Andrew Miller
The Undead Soul by Seth Frederiksen
Dead Clothing by John McCarthy
Why Zombies Dress Badly by Matt Fallaize
Dead Soles by Jessica McHugh
Hunting Season by K.R. Smith
I Will Not Eat Brain by Mathias Jansson
Zombie Beach Romance by Alyssa Black
A Better Man by Clarice by Radrick
You Don’t Really Think by Tim McLafferty
#First World Zombie Problems by Jennifer Courtney
Love Among The Ruins by Nick Johns
Love, Un-dead by Marie Churchman
Date of the Dead by Cathy Bryant
Retake by Bruce Harris