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Nuclear Town USA Out Now!


Nuclear Town USA on Createspace (Paperback):

Nuclear Town USA on Amazon (Paperback):

There will come a time when everything we know and love will cease to exist. But how will such a disaster transpire – by nuclear warfare, ecological collapse, technological failure, perhaps pandemic? And how would we cope in our last hours, in catastrophe’s wake? This theme of finality is explored in Nuclear Town USA, a collection of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction set across a diversity of scenarios and backdrops. From fast-paced thrillers to dark reflections, each story intriguingly captures frightening alt-realities surrounding humanity’s twilight.

Some of the brightest new stars in speculative fiction today share their vision of the apocalypse – from bestselling and emerging authors such as Adam Millard, D. Krauss, Damien Krsteski, Edd Howarth, Eric R. Schiller, Eryk Pruitt, Jeffrey Veregge, Jennifer Courtney, Jesse Harlin, Jon Alston, Nick Johnson, N.S. Mariner, Richard Smith, Robert J. Santa and Trak E. Simisu.

Welcome to the end of the world. Welcome to Nuclear Town USA.

Table of Contents:
The Nucleus Note by Adam Millard
Druthers by Eryk Pruitt
The Power Out by Jon Alston
The Forty-Seven by Jesse Harlin
Coherence by Eric R Schiller
Assignment Seven by Richard Smith
Unorthodox Nuclear Family by Nick Johnson
I Will Watch For You By Starlight by Trak E. Sumisu
The Last Moon Cowboy by Edd Howarth
Rite of Passage by Robert J. Santa
Throne Room by D. Krauss
The Undead Legacy of the King by Jeffrey Veregge
Portrait of a Girl by Jennifer Courtney
Solving Holly by Damien Krsteski
The Unmaker by N.S. Mariner


“If you were bummed when you finished reading THE ROAD, or wish there was another Mad Max sequel, this book is for you. It’s an excellent collection of post-apocalyptic short stories that will chill you to the bone. My favorite is “Druthers” by Eryk Pruitt, which doesn’t pretend to gloss over the events with an optimistic world view. It reads like an episode of the Twilight Zone and leaves LOTS to the imagination. Pick up this book. You won’t be disappointed.” – Rated Five Stars, Amazon Reviewer