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Haiku of the Dead Out Now!

Haiku of the Dead - Cover

Haiku of the Dead on Createspace (Paperback):

Haiku of the Dead on Amazon (Paperback):

Poetry to eat your brains. “Haiku of the Dead” is an anthology that pieces together a warm-hearted story of guts and gore. Told through the imagistic language of haiku, every flesh-ripping moment of the zombie apocalypse is covered, from dawn to demise. Thirty-five narrators take the readers through infested streets and graveyards from the points of view of both survivors and the undead.

With haiku from authors around the world, including Adrian George Nicolae, Alyssa Black, Andrew Miller, Betty Villareal, Bruce Harris, Cathy Bryant, Chris Fradkin, Christopher Evans, Clarice Radrick, Colin M. Drysdale, Colin W. Campbell, David Revilla, David S. Pointer, Donald Raymond, Fanni Suto, Irene Smith, Jason Kirk, Jennifer Courtney, Jessica McHugh, John McCarthy, K. R. Smith, Laura Huntley, Marie Churchman, Mathias Jansson, Matt Fallaize, Matthew Wilson, Nick Johns, Olivia Arieti, Pattie Flint, Robert E. Petras, Sarah Winn, Seth Frederiksen, Sonja Johanson, Tim McLafferty, and Winston H. Plowes.

Table of Contents:

Awakening by Fanni Suto
The Easter Bunny Cometh
Death Churns Below by Christopher Evans
Factory-Poisoned Air by Mathew Wilson
Release by Robert E. Petras
Walk This Way by Betty Villereal
Fresh Flesh by Olivia Arieti
If All Who’d Ever by Jason Kirk
Even Zombie Fear by Colin W. Campbell
Undead Longing by Sarah Winn
Chick Band Drumsticks by David S. Pointer
Sense of Death by Irene Smith
Who’s There? by Sonja Johanson
Amy by David Revilla
Daddy? by Pattie Flint
Incoming by Adrian George Nicolae
I Walked Between Them by Chris Fradkin
Boat by Winston H. Plowes
The End by Colin M. Drysdale
The Honeymoon by Laura Huntley
Broken Bonds by Andrew Miller
The Undead Soul by Seth Frederiksen
Dead Clothing by John McCarthy
Why Zombies Dress Badly by Matt Fallaize
Dead Soles by Jessica McHugh
Hunting Season by K.R. Smith
I Will Not Eat Brain by Mathias Jansson
Zombie Beach Romance by Alyssa Black
A Better Man by Clarice by Radrick
You Don’t Really Think by Tim McLafferty
#First World Zombie Problems by Jennifer Courtney
Love Among The Ruins by Nick Johns
Love, Un-dead by Marie Churchman
Date of the Dead by Cathy Bryant
Retake by Bruce Harris


Contact: Stories of the New World Out Now!

Contact Stories of the New World - Cover

Contact: Stories of the New World on Createspace (Paperback):

Contact: Stories of the New World on Amazon (Paperback):

A cast of authors from past, present and future make up this collection of eighteen stories featuring original works and classic reprints. Contact: Stories of the New World takes you beyond the edge of the solar system into the uncharted horizons of deep space, where the spaces and dimensions in between are explored and worlds of mystery are discovered. New beginnings. Old fears. Persistence of vision. Here are the chronicles of the new world.

Arthur Doweyko, August Derleth, Cassandra Arnold, Chris Limb, Clint Wastling, Damien Krsteski, Frederic Brown, HG Wells, Jason Andrew, Kurt Heinrich Hyat, Margaret Karmazin, Margaret Pearce, Neil R Jones, Philip K Dick, Poul Anderson, Scathe meic Beorh, Thornton DeKy and Tom Barloware are among the popular and award-winning storytellers comprising this spellbinding science fiction and fantasy anthology.

Table of Contents:

Maturity by Damien Krsteski
The More Things Change by Scathe meic Beorh
Love of Botany by Margaret Karmazin
Simulacrum by Chris Limb
P’sall Senji by Arthur Doweyko
The Oilfields of Titan by Clint Wastling
The Family of Man by Tom Barlow
Requiem by Jason Andrew
Sandwomen by Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
Equal Rights by Cassandra Arnold
Faith and Fortune by Margaret Pearce
Spacewrecked on Venus by Neil R. Jones
The Star by H.G. Wells
Keep Out by Fredric Brown
The Ultimate Experiment by Thornton DeKy
A Traveler in Time by August Derleth
The Variable Man by Philip K. Dick
The Chapter Ends by Poul Anderson

Cosmic Vegetable: Anthology of Humorous SF/F Out Now!

Cosmic Vegetable - Full-2

Cosmic Vegetable on Createspace (Paperback):

Cosmic Vegetable on Amazon (Paperback):

Cosmic Vegetable is an anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy that may also officially qualify as a pharmaceutical drug. Thus, please consider the possibly serious side effects of reading this book: incessant smiling, muscle aches, laugh fits, stomach aches, crying, depression, wetting oneself, blindness, demonic possession, and finally, death by laugh-induced asphyxiation. Nevertheless, prepare to be thoroughly entertained. Within these pages you will find cats, six-breasted nymphs, space zombies, talking furries, romantic weaboos, sexy slime dancers, an over-eating insectavore, an uxorious time-bending physicist, thoughtful social commentary, fart jokes, and, of course, mobbins.

Featuring 28 stories from some of today’s most tintinnabulatious speculative fiction writers, with laughs from Adam Millard, Breanna R. Teintze, Catherine Foster, Christina Murphy, Chuck Robertson, David Perlmutter, Deborah Walker, Emilie Collyer, Erik Gern, Fred Russell, James Aquilone, Jason Andrew, James S. Dorr, Jody Giardina, Margaret Karmazin, Matthew Wilson, Melodie Corrigall, Mike Scott Thomson, Mjke Wood, Regan W.H. Macaulay, Richard Jay Goldstein, Robert Lowell Russell, Ross Landers, Stephenson Muret, Steve Rodgers, Tom Barlow, Wayne Helge and William Burleson.

Table of Contents:
The Physics Of Forever by Richard Jay Goldstein
Daily Life In Ancient America by Fred Russell
And Think of England by Melodie Corrigall
Insectivoracious by James Aquilone
Victory Of The Dark Lord by Jason Andrew
Too Much Of A Good Thing by Chuck Robertson
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Procyon VII Slime Dancers’ Beaux by James S. Dorr
Freedoskee by Margaret Karmazin
Introducing Entropy Girl by Wayne Helge
The Escape Of The Six-Breasted Nymphs by William Burleson
The Not-So Supermen by Mike Scott Thomson
Honey The Barbarian And The Geis by Deborah Walker
Daring Dover by Erik Gern
Weaboo In Love by Ross Landers
What You Wish For by Emilie Collyer
Pie In The Sky by Catherine Foster
The One Perfect Snowflake by Christina Murphy
The Question by Robert Lowell Russell
Space Zombies And Felines Unite! by Regan W.H. Macaulay
Ship Of Fools by Mjke Wood
Hoppers by Steve Rodgers
Going Green by Matthew Wilson
Yule Tide by Stephenson Muret
The Princess Murder Case by David Perlmutter
Merdeux by Jody Giardina
Can You Read That Asteroid From Here? by Adam Millard
Genrecide by Breanna R. Teintze
One Heart, So Many Vegetables by Tom Barlow

Nuclear Town USA Out Now!


Nuclear Town USA on Createspace (Paperback):

Nuclear Town USA on Amazon (Paperback):

There will come a time when everything we know and love will cease to exist. But how will such a disaster transpire – by nuclear warfare, ecological collapse, technological failure, perhaps pandemic? And how would we cope in our last hours, in catastrophe’s wake? This theme of finality is explored in Nuclear Town USA, a collection of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction set across a diversity of scenarios and backdrops. From fast-paced thrillers to dark reflections, each story intriguingly captures frightening alt-realities surrounding humanity’s twilight.

Some of the brightest new stars in speculative fiction today share their vision of the apocalypse – from bestselling and emerging authors such as Adam Millard, D. Krauss, Damien Krsteski, Edd Howarth, Eric R. Schiller, Eryk Pruitt, Jeffrey Veregge, Jennifer Courtney, Jesse Harlin, Jon Alston, Nick Johnson, N.S. Mariner, Richard Smith, Robert J. Santa and Trak E. Simisu.

Welcome to the end of the world. Welcome to Nuclear Town USA.

Table of Contents:
The Nucleus Note by Adam Millard
Druthers by Eryk Pruitt
The Power Out by Jon Alston
The Forty-Seven by Jesse Harlin
Coherence by Eric R Schiller
Assignment Seven by Richard Smith
Unorthodox Nuclear Family by Nick Johnson
I Will Watch For You By Starlight by Trak E. Sumisu
The Last Moon Cowboy by Edd Howarth
Rite of Passage by Robert J. Santa
Throne Room by D. Krauss
The Undead Legacy of the King by Jeffrey Veregge
Portrait of a Girl by Jennifer Courtney
Solving Holly by Damien Krsteski
The Unmaker by N.S. Mariner


“If you were bummed when you finished reading THE ROAD, or wish there was another Mad Max sequel, this book is for you. It’s an excellent collection of post-apocalyptic short stories that will chill you to the bone. My favorite is “Druthers” by Eryk Pruitt, which doesn’t pretend to gloss over the events with an optimistic world view. It reads like an episode of the Twilight Zone and leaves LOTS to the imagination. Pick up this book. You won’t be disappointed.” – Rated Five Stars, Amazon Reviewer

100 Worlds Out Now!

100 Worlds_Cover_T2

100 Worlds on Createspace:

100 Worlds on Amazon:

100 Worlds on Goodreads:

100 authors from across the galaxy tackle the experimental art of drabble within these fun-filled pages. Boasting 100 science fiction and fantasy stories, this jam-packed anthology is guaranteed to thrill, amuse and delight the reader. Experience 100 Worlds. Dare you go where no man has gone before? Featuring stories by Milo James Fowler, Cheryl A. Warner, Stephen Sottong, Jason Lairamore, Theodore Kanbe, Von Rupert, Robert Lowell Russell, Simon Kewin, Chuck Von Nordheim, Carly Berg, Chris White, Danielle Davis, Chris Fradkin, Lance Manion, Rachel Green, Mike Stasko, Terence Kuch, Trak E Sumisu, Lindsey McLeod, K.W. Taylor, Dee Harrison, Jason Osmond, Mike Scott Thomson, David Revilla, Mark Helwig Ostler, Jennifer Courtney, Solon Ben Earl, Jake Ristic-Petrovic, William Van Winkle, Nicole DeGennaro, Matthew Wilson, Schevus Osborne, Joel Blumenau, Jessica Alden, Nick Johns, John Rathbone Taylor, David Elsensohn, Andrew Patch, D.L. Smith-Lee, Caitlin Sinead Jennings, Berti Walker, Regan W.H. Macaulay, Christina Scholz, Robin de Voh, David W. Blackstone, Frederic Himebaugh, Steve Newton, Lena Smoot, Mary Berman, John Harrower, Jennifer Wardell, Mike Epifani, Ross Baxter, Herman Sanchez, Timmy Jones, Elizabeth Archer, E. Thomas Petrie, Ray Yanek, Erik R. Van Asch, George Sandison, Alisia Faust, Iulian Ionescu, Thabo Mandisa, Shibon Clingman, Claire Jones, Erin Eveland, E.A. Fow, Jacob C. Denton, Kaitlyn Kochany, Chris Redfern, Marian Brooks, Charity Tahmaseb, Mathias Jansson, Jane Percival, David Nell, Antonio Honda, Cat Jacobs, H.A. Farr, Amanda Simon, David J. West, Ashley Reynolds, Eric R. Schiller, Adam Davidson, Conor Harpham, Yosh Haggerty, Allison Runham, Brenda Bishop Blakey, Stephen Warren, Stephanie L. Weippert, Ari Ryan Ailin, Shimon Starfury, R.A. Andrade, Brenda Anderson, Matt Scott, Stephanie Rose, Chris Mikesell, Rocky Hutson, Andira Dodge, Redford Stephenson and Leo Norman.