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Cosmic Vegetable: Anthology of Humorous SF/F Out Now!

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Cosmic Vegetable is an anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy that may also officially qualify as a pharmaceutical drug. Thus, please consider the possibly serious side effects of reading this book: incessant smiling, muscle aches, laugh fits, stomach aches, crying, depression, wetting oneself, blindness, demonic possession, and finally, death by laugh-induced asphyxiation. Nevertheless, prepare to be thoroughly entertained. Within these pages you will find cats, six-breasted nymphs, space zombies, talking furries, romantic weaboos, sexy slime dancers, an over-eating insectavore, an uxorious time-bending physicist, thoughtful social commentary, fart jokes, and, of course, mobbins.

Featuring 28 stories from some of today’s most tintinnabulatious speculative fiction writers, with laughs from Adam Millard, Breanna R. Teintze, Catherine Foster, Christina Murphy, Chuck Robertson, David Perlmutter, Deborah Walker, Emilie Collyer, Erik Gern, Fred Russell, James Aquilone, Jason Andrew, James S. Dorr, Jody Giardina, Margaret Karmazin, Matthew Wilson, Melodie Corrigall, Mike Scott Thomson, Mjke Wood, Regan W.H. Macaulay, Richard Jay Goldstein, Robert Lowell Russell, Ross Landers, Stephenson Muret, Steve Rodgers, Tom Barlow, Wayne Helge and William Burleson.

Table of Contents:
The Physics Of Forever by Richard Jay Goldstein
Daily Life In Ancient America by Fred Russell
And Think of England by Melodie Corrigall
Insectivoracious by James Aquilone
Victory Of The Dark Lord by Jason Andrew
Too Much Of A Good Thing by Chuck Robertson
Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Procyon VII Slime Dancers’ Beaux by James S. Dorr
Freedoskee by Margaret Karmazin
Introducing Entropy Girl by Wayne Helge
The Escape Of The Six-Breasted Nymphs by William Burleson
The Not-So Supermen by Mike Scott Thomson
Honey The Barbarian And The Geis by Deborah Walker
Daring Dover by Erik Gern
Weaboo In Love by Ross Landers
What You Wish For by Emilie Collyer
Pie In The Sky by Catherine Foster
The One Perfect Snowflake by Christina Murphy
The Question by Robert Lowell Russell
Space Zombies And Felines Unite! by Regan W.H. Macaulay
Ship Of Fools by Mjke Wood
Hoppers by Steve Rodgers
Going Green by Matthew Wilson
Yule Tide by Stephenson Muret
The Princess Murder Case by David Perlmutter
Merdeux by Jody Giardina
Can You Read That Asteroid From Here? by Adam Millard
Genrecide by Breanna R. Teintze
One Heart, So Many Vegetables by Tom Barlow


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