Now Open: Zombies in Japan


What We Want:

Flash Fiction about Zombies in Japan!

For this anthology, we want stories of up to 1,000 words. Flash is fast, fiercely flexible and a wonderful medium for eccentric experimentation with style, with characters, with genre.

As an art form, it promises a paradox: it’s both hard to do anything wrong with it — who cannot string a few hundred words together? — and at the same time it’s difficult to really get right — how can you put an entire world on such a small canvas?
Zombies and Japan must be integral to your story!

Word Count: 150-1,000 words.

Closing Date: June 10 2014 (final deadline). Submissions may close sooner if the anthology fills quickly.

Reprints: Yes.

Multiple Submissions: No.

Simultaneous Submissions: No.

Payment: This is a non-paying market. Payment for your story is exposure in the anthology.

How To Submit: Submit it as a .doc or .rtf attachment to with the subject line “Zombies”. Include your name, story title, word count, and a brief biography in the body of the email.

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